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In Febuary of 1998 me and my friend (Ben Wong) started a band with only acoustic guitars.Are band was called Confused, I did vocals and lead guitar and Ben was bass.We made about 6 songs and recorded and sold them at school. Our album was called "Oh Crap it's 5:30" we made about 30 to 50 bucks. Then about three months later my band broke up,we got in to a fight at school, and I beat the crap outta him,I was suspended for about 2 days. I was left to be a solo artist so I started a solo band called Nevermind240.I was hyped on that for a while but soon I left and stopped making songs.Then after New year one of my best friends got drums so I started up a new band with him.I decided that Nevermind240 was getting old so since one of my favourite songs by Nirvana was called Downer that's what I called my Band.

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